RHODA, Hong Kong

345 Des Voeux Rd W, Shek Tong Tsui, Hong Kong
+852 2177 5050 | website

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“Chef Nate’s down-to-earth yet discerning philosophy runs through every aspect of the restaurant; each plate, furnishing, ingredient and even the suppliers we work with. Our carefully nurtured network of local and overseas specialist farms are just as passionate about food and its origin as we are. We don’t pressure farms and suppliers to meet our demands – we take what their resources are able to supply without yield boosting methods, ensuring the best quality. Our chickens are truly free range and arrive freshly chilled, never frozen, from Brink’s Farm in New Zealand. We use only sustainably-caught wild fish.

Once we get our hands on the ingredients, we do everything our way with soul and with love. All our cured meats, marinades, sauces and preserves are home-made. The flavour of our beer bread, made with Suntory dark ale, evolves each day as the mother dough and the restaurant mature together. We hate waste and make use of every piece of each ingredient that we buy.”


via Rhoda