El Presidio Casa Bon
Calle Gral. Angel Flores 371, Primer Cuadro, Centro Pedagogico de Sinaloa, 80000 Culiacán Rosales, Sin., Mexico
+52 667 716 0227

“Mr. Don Genaro García bought the house, he lived on the top with his wife and three children, Genaro, Domitila and Natalia, on the bottom rent it for commercial premises. His daughter, Domitila was the last person to inhabit the house, until his death in 1980. Date in which the doors were closed. The house remained collapsing into oblivion, for 30 years until it was rescued in a heroic act by the granddaughter of Don Genáro Garcia.” via restaurant site

“german velasco has intervened a nineteenth century mansion in sinaloa, mexico and transformed it into the new restaurant ‘el presidio casa bon’. the design team has used the actual condition and turned it into the axis of the project, hence the site being abandoned and showing existing building materials.

The mexican based studio german velasco arquitectos has added value to the original floors of the building, with chess style in black and white. combining these two elements, the walls and ceilings are left apparent, restoring only the parts where needed and even left the plants in their natural form that had already taken over some areas. inspired by the original floor, the design team makes a new proposal to refer to its past with a different geometric pattern that gives a new image and dynamism, covering all interior spaces and going up some walls.”

by apostolos costarangos via designboom | images by mas proyecto