Piazzale Aurelio 7, 00152 Roma, Italy
+39 06 581 5274 | website

“Antico Arco masters the culinary experience of contemporary Italian cuisine where one has the chance to sample traditional ingredients sourced with the utmost care, and handled with flair and passion. Situated in the heart of Rome on top of the Gianicolo – the prettiest of Roman hills, with stunning views overlooking the entire city. We are also accessible by foot from charming Trastevere, and open every day from 12.00 to 24.00.

Patrizia Mattei tried working in other fields, but family tradition was too strong, and 18 years later she returned to school to prepare for a career in the kitchen. Working alongside her husband Maurizio Minore, and their friend Domenico Caliò, Patrizia created a cuisine which blends tradition with creative flair, a blend which is the very essence of Antico Arco. The company founded by the historical trio has also added the current Chef Fundim Gjepali that, in the footsteps of Patrizia, continues to give the Antico Arco’s kitchen a consolidated mark.”

You’ll be welcomed by our warm, attentive staff in a space where contemporary design settles perfectly in a 19th-century structure.”


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