5102 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85012
+ 1 602 954 4009

“FOR THE PEOPLE represents the current face of a natural evolution – a long, winding road toward visual and functional perfection. We didn’t start where you see us now; we started with a passion for great design, and an insatiable curiosity. These two driving forces have led owners Shawn and Chad to where they are today: proudly settled in here at the very core of a bustling Phoenix community, humble owners of a bright and inspiring little shop that has been filled with truly stimulating works of modern art.

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Our reason for being is pretty simple: we want to share that swell of inspiration that comes as a result of discovering something totally new and unexpected with our growing community of fans. We want to surprise, and inspire, and engage with you in new and exciting ways. We want to foster a sense of wonder and true respect for serious works of modern art and functional design.


This would not be possible if it weren’t for our impressive list of makers – some of whom we’ve idolized for decades, some of whom live right here in our immediate community, many of whom we count as friends. LEARN MORE about our makers and their stories atthis link.


Entering our store, you’ll be met with delicate pairings of local and global artisans – careful curations of small town artists set amidst collections from world-renowned brands the likes of Finell, iittala, Sempli, Tom Dixon, Alessi, and Thrive. But the list doesn’t stop there, because we are constantly expanding the horizons of our search for quality products just like these.


So maybe you walk out our doors with something new and fun in hand. Or else perhaps you don’t, but still you leave with having witnessed something absolutely positive and true. This is what we hope that you will touch and be touched by and leave with, more than anything our store could ever sell: we hope you’ll encounter wonder, authenticity, and warmth.

Welcome to FOR THE PEOPLE.”

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