6500 Selma Avenue, 90028 Los Angeles CA
+ 1 323 785 6600

“Los Angeles. California. It’s a little prayer, a poem, a psalm, the gold at the end of the Manifest Destiny rainbow, the punchline of a country ballad, the destination of all prison songs. It is a dream, sort of. It is the end of Western civilization and the city of the future, defined by cars and films, aerospace and computers.

Designed by Thierry Gaugain, Mama Shelter LA perches six-stories over the beautiful freaks and sputtering neon of Hollywood Blvd, the 70 rooms are warm havens with comfortable king beds.

Mama’s rooftop allows you to take in the sights of all of Los Angeles with a near 360 degrees view from the Hollywood sign to Downtown to South Bay to the Westside. She’s located blocks away from the peaked roof and cement celeb handprints at the Chinese Theatre along the Walk of Fame, as well as countless boutiques and bars, tattoo parlors and record shops, burrito stands and vegan restaurants.

The experiment that began in Paris continues in Los Angeles. Mama saw another sister city of lights, a metropolis always growing, shifting, unfettered by history whilst making it.”

mama-shelter-los-angeles-room-mama-large-city-viewmama-shelter-los-angeles-chambre-XXL-mama-city-view (6)MAMA SHELTER L.A-50542