“While Niagara Falls continues to attract visitors, the tourism board for its New York side wants the public to know that there’s plenty to discover beyond these magic waters—especially within this Western New York region.

Launched in March 2017, Destination Niagara USA’s new tourism marketing brand as “Niagara Falls USA” promotes an experiential approach to seeing not just Niagara Falls, N.Y., but also Niagara County. Its tagline is “where adventure comes naturally.”

According to Destination Niagara USA Director of Communications Andrea Czopp, this approach is to show both locations as bucket list destinations due to their natural wonders and epicurean and educational attractions.

“We believe this area evokes a sense of discovery and connection,” she said. Along with the falls themselves, Czopp added that the campaign will also “get the word out about what else [there is] to do in this county besides [seeing] Niagara Falls.”

As Niagara Falls is well known worldwide, Cropp said it’s also important to bring to attention to locations like Lockport, a city whose name comes from a set of Erie Canal locks, and Youngstown, a village that’s home to the historic Old Fort Niagara. While Cropp noted that these places might “not be immediately household names,” their recognition could grow from extended visits to the falls.

This experiential focus for “Niagara Falls USA” ties into a rising visitor demographic: Millennials.

In catering to this group’s interest in locality, Destination Niagara USA has been including info on restaurants and similar establishments on their website and featuring them in their travel guides and in-market publication.”

more via Travel Pulse | by Michele Herrmann